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Hey friends!  

I know last update I told you I was going to start updating.  And I did.  Today. :p

Expect more as the days pass.  I don't want to flood you all with shots I've been doing. over the past 7 months.  

Anyway, I recently made a video for :iconelysiagriffin:'s and my cosplay couture photobooth!  It's not an average photobooth and we bring a makeup artist to complete a cosplayers look!

Check it out here:…

Expect a fuller update by year's turn!

<3 imPhotography
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Hello, again. :]  

I haven't really updated my gallery since May.  The only recent shot I've added is Valentine from Skullgirls from AWA.   Since May, I've been to Otakon, AFO, and AWA, along with a bunch of other events and gigs I've shot.  It's been a really busy last couple months: I'm settling into my new routines here in Orlando with my girlfriend :iconelysiagriffin: and roommate :iconmorataya: (PHOTO PAD, WHAT?!), and unfortunately I forgot to involve dA in those routines.  So along came gallery updates.  Expect bursts for the next couple weeks.  I don't want to overload you guys. :p

Holiday Matsuri
Something new for you guys: I'll be running a photobooth at Holiday Matsuri (Dec 14-16, Orlando, FL) with :iconelysiagriffin:! We'll be offering shoots at the booth along with prints of our work.  Make sure to come by!   Depending on my schedule and the new location, I may or may not offer convention shoots.  I'll keep you guys updated.

Speaking of prints, we're doing selected prints on limited runs.
Currently we have a couple in line right now:
AWA 2012 - WFRR | Jessica Rabbit by elysiagriffin Avatar LOK | Mako by elysiagriffin

Our matted prints are on 8x12 lustre and matted in a 11x14 whitecore mat board ready for framing.  They are $28 including shipping, and a percentage of the proceeds go directly to the cosplayer for future work, cosplay, travel, and expenses! :D  

It looks like this:
Jessica Rabbit Matted Print by elysiagriffin

Photos currently available for purchase are located here:…

SwampCon. MegaCon.  And oh yeah... We're going to Katsucon with our photobooth.  That is all thus far.  XD

Thanks for reading!  And as always: Thanks for your love and support!

<3 imPhotography
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I've been living in Gainesville for 8 years and over those 8 years I've collected a LOT of stuff.  That all came to hit me in the face in the form of having to rent out a UHAUL to move to Orlando.   Alas, I've moved in.  Living room's a wreck but hey I'm here now!   


I'm available for on location work in the Orlando and Tampa area. Events, weddings, portraits, and creative/cosplay work!  Don't hesitate to contact me about my services and such!  Hell go ahead and check out my website at   Looooooveyouuuuu :p

AWA 2012

Hey Cosplayers,

I'll be at AWA (Sept 28-30) once again, but offering a limited selection of shoots throughout the weekend!

My current rate is 30 minutes for $30 for up to 3 people.  $10+ for each cosplayer after that.  Creative shoots consist of shots done in and around the convention grounds, definitely different from your typical hallway shots.  

Cosplay photoshoots are catered to show off your cosplay and to let stretch your own creative side and have a little fun with your cosplay.  I'm fully capable of working with you and your cosplay to get the best shots we can figure.  As for equipment, I am equipped with a Canon 5D Mark III with an array professional lenses and speedlites for on and off camera flash.

As of right now I'm starting times off as early at 2 PM on the Friday of the convention and as late at 330 PM the Sunday of the convention.  Extra times may open up after that.  If you have any questions please ask! :]…

Check my openings:

Spots Available
Friday: 2p, 330p, 5, 630p, 8p
Saturday: 9a, 1030a, 2p, 330p, 5p, 630p, 8p
Sunday: 9a, 1030a, 2p, 330p

Convention work:
Noel: Open Fire by xinstrumental Cammy: Salute by xinstrumental AWA 2011: Signed and Marked by xinstrumental  
HM2011: Black Rock Shooter by xinstrumental   AWA 2011: It's Ninja Time by xinstrumental   AWA 2011: Strike by xinstrumental

Thanks everyone!  Hope to see you all soon
<3 imPhotography
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I have a little bit of time.  Finally.


Otakon was a LOT of fun for me.  I wasn't terribly busy, but busy enough to ache every night.  I blame the heat though.  I enjoyed it, learned lessons about getting to a con on THURSDAY and not Friday in a 3 hour pre-reg line.  I don't know if I'll be back next year, but it was a nice experience!  Next con in that area I'm going to catch is most definitely Katsucon. :]  2013 here we come.  Still in the middle of my sets for Ota but hoping to finish this week!

AFO!   Not many booked but after Otakon and DC, I needed the respite.  Good seeing old friends and trolling around with them.  Met a lot of new people as is every AFO.  AFO's always been my networking con for Florida.  I like the gardens around the AFO location, but man parking sucks and that Florida heat and rain around this time of year is killer.  Much pleasure with the people I got a chance to work with regardless.  

That being said, I'm moving to Orlando with :iconelysiagriffin: and :iconmorataya:.  Be on the lookout for more on location shoots for Florida in the autumn and winter!  We're going to be doing some serious work around that time when outdoor Florida is bearable. :p   

More soon! Thanks again!

We make our own luck.
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Hey Cosplayers,

I'm pleased to announce that I will be offering Cosplay shoots at Otakon (July 27-29) and AFO (Aug 3-5) this year!

My current rate is 45 minutes for $30 for up to 3 people.  $10+ for each cosplayer after that.  Creative shoots consist of shots done in and around the convention grounds, definitely different from your typical hallway shots.  

Cosplay photoshoots are catered to show off your cosplay and to let stretch your own creative side and have a little fun with your cosplay.  I'm fully capable of working with you and your cosplay to get the best shots we can figure.  As for equipment, I am equipped with a Canon 5D Mark III with an array professional lenses and speedlites for on and off camera flash.

As of right now I'm starting times off as early at 2 PM on the Friday of the convention and as late at 4 PM the Sunday of the convention.  Extra times may open up after that.  If you have any questions please ask! :]

Hit the link to sign up!…


Some Convention Shoot Work!
Noel: Open Fire by xinstrumental AFO: Mudkip Used Whirlpool by xinstrumental AFO: Highschool of the Dead by xinstrumental Cammy: Salute by xinstrumental
Disney's Pocahontas by xinstrumental AWA 2011: Silenced by xinstrumental HM2011: Black Rock Shooter by xinstrumental AWA 2011: The Great Mizuti by xinstrumental
AWA 2011: It's Ninja Time by xinstrumental
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Thinking about attempting to make it to Otakon this year.  The problem is I don't have anywhere to stay yet. So I'm potentially looking for a place to stay.  Any help? :D

loooooooveyouuuuuu XD
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Hey friends.

I just uploaded some shots from MegaCon. Freaking finally, right?  
Got lots more to upload from then until now, ShawnCon and other random events that I shot in that time frame.

Been through a lot the last 3 months.  Shot a lot of events for the Asian American Student Union here at UF, did a shoot with a sorority, and shot a ton of graduation portrait sessions.  Pair that along with a bout of tendonitis in my foot and well, I had myself one hell of a great semester. :p

Anyway, I'll be uploading my best work in that time frame.  I just got done shooting two weddings with :iconelysiagriffin: (<3) the past two weekends, so expect to see some shots from that too within the next couple weeks.

More news to come soon~
<3 imPhotography
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It's been far too long, and I apologize.  

Call it being barley busy enough not to do it. :p  

Anyway over the next couple days you're going to see shots from Mega and beyond.  Lots of stuff to upload!  I'll do it in bursts as not to overload your inboxes!

As always,
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Holy hell, MegaCon was awesome.  

MegaCon was the first convention I ever attended. That was in 2010.  

I had a great time catching all my convention / cosplay friends, and bringing my college friends into the scene that I'm still growing accustomed to.  I had a lot of fun shooting everyone as well!  Thanks to everyone who called and messaged me up for shoots!  I'll be posting some of those shots here within the next week.  

I know I haven't been through here often, but I'm usually all up on facebook most of the time.  If you haven't liked my fb page it's at !    

Anyway, March and April.

This march I'll be participating in the Florida Photo Shoot Weekend a.k.a. ShawnCon, hosted by :iconnegativedreamer:!  :] Hit this link for more details about that:…

As for April, I've got GRADUATIONS to take care of.  It looks like I've got at least a solid two weeks of shoots to do for that.

I've got a few projects lined up in between all that.  Check back here for updates!

Thanks for reading!  See you around~
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SwampCon was a pleasant surprise! I really enjoyed having my two worlds (convention life / college life) collide in my current home city!  It was a pleasure meeting everyone whom I've seen around the convention circuit visiting Gainesville and/or currently living in Gainesville!

My photography panel went well from what I felt and what people were telling me. XD I plan to do that again sometime soon!  Thanks to everyone who made it out!  I'm thinking about livestreaming a session of my presentation just to practice it if any of you guys are interested!

MegaCon Shoots!

Just to let you know I have shoots available for MegaCon Feb 17-19 all weekend in limited capacity!  

Convention shoots are $20 for 45 minutes! (Inquire about groups bigger than 3) I work with a professional DSLR with a compliment of professional lenses.  I am fully capable of  using natural and flash lighting depending on the setting.  You will receive a full set (15 or more) of post-processed shots on Facebook.  Hi-res, unwatermarked photos available for download upon request.  Turnaround for photos is 1-2 weeks.

I can accept cash upon time of meeting or PayPal prior to the convention

Contact me here, on facebook, or e-mail me at!
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Hey friends! :]

Here are my convention plans for 2012!  


Convention Run 2012

SwampCon // Jan 14  
MegaCon  //  Feb 17 - Feb 19
SuperCon //  Jun 29 - July 2
(Shooting an event in Orlando)
Otakon // July 27 - 29
AFO // Aug 3 - Aug 5
**Dragon*Con // Aug 31 - Sep 3
AWA // Sep 28 - Sep 30

EXPCon  //  ?? - ??
Animazement // May 25 - 27
Anime Expo //  Jun 29 - July 2  

Holiday Matsuri //   ?? - ??

** I have bought my ticket for Dragon*Con but have yet to solidify plans. It's up in the air. I will not be offering shoots at Dragon*Con.

As always I will be taking pictures at the conventions I am attending.  If you see me in the hallways, don't hesitate to say hi and even ask for a picture or two. :]

I will also be available for creative cosplay shoots in limited availability at each of these conventions:
45 minutes for $30 for up to 3 people.  Further arrangements for groups larger than 3.  Creative shoots consist of shots done in and around the convention grounds, definitely different from your typical hallway shots.  

For example:

Hallway Shot:…

Photoshoot shot:…

Cosplay photoshoots are catered to show off your cosplay and to let stretch your own creative side and have a little fun with your cosplay.  I'm fully capable of working with you and your cosplay to get the best shots we can figure.  As for equipment, I am equipped with a Canon 7D with professional lenses and speedlites for on and off camera flash.  I will be posting about specific convention shoot info 2 months prior to each convention, so look out for that. :]

Looking forward to a fun 2012!

<3 imPhotography
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Man, this break is really flying by me, and I can't help but the feeling of being overwhelmed.  I'm trying to get work done along with seeing all the friends I absolutely HAVE to see. I'm not getting the sleep I had hoped for but I'm damn glad I'm stacking the 2011 deck at the end of the year. XD  

As you have or haven't seen, I've been updating everything from the past 3 months.  It's really a testimony to how busy I've been.  I've had a lot of fun this year, and man 2011 was one stellar year.  

I'm thinking back to how much my photography has progressed just in the past 6 months.  It's a visible change.  I cringe at a lot of my work prior to April.  I still have tons to learn.  I've met some amazing photographers, people who's work I look to for inspiration and goals to reach, along with invaluable advice and friendship.

I'm thinking back to how many conventions I hit this year.  Eight:  MegaCon, MetroCon, SuperCon, AFO, Dragon*Con, Comic-Con, AWA, and Holiday Matsuri. Still kind of boggles me.  If I told 2010 me about my 2011 year I don't think he would have believed it.  I've been damn lucky, not only to go, but to meeting new friends at every one.  It makes all the hours of driving, walking, and shooting around worth it.

I'm thinking back to all the damn gigs I've been lucky enough to land this year.  Thankful for all the opportunities do to what I love.  Thankful for the faith that has been put in my ability.  Here's to a good 2012 in terms of that. XD

I'm thinking back to my family for their support throughout the 2011 year.  And family not just in the biological sense but all the friends that I can call family.  The kind of friends I can put on hold and come back to like no time has passed.  All the business and personal advice they give me throughout my hustle and bustle keeps what sanity I have left in tact. XD  

I guess what I'm trying to say is: Thanks.  To a great year.  To everyone.  To my friends.  Here's to 2012.

"We make our own luck."

L.A. Mabilangan
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Here we go.

I have time to myself so if you haven't noticed, I've got some photos incoming!

I'm down in south Florida for the next week and a half so I'm just going to catch up on side editing and uploading.  First up is finishing the rest of my favorite AWA shots!  Doing this batch today and then after that it's a bunch of work i've been doing for events and such.

I'm not going to be doing much of anything else down here otherwise, besides hanging out with all my friends in the area.  Maybe one shoot. We'll see. Update on that again within the next couple days.  

Merry Christmas, everyone!  :D

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The last time I posted here it was October.  November was a hell of a month. Much to catch up on.

UF AASU's Asian Kaleidoscope Month kicked my ass.   So much work and editing in that time, not to mention the wedding and the Zelda cosplay shoot I did.  Updates have been paltry as I've been trying to keep up with the never ending workflow.  I'm loving it though.

The wedding went VERY well. Clients loved all the pictures.  I really could see myself doing this more often.  I will be.  I'm already booked May and June.

The Zelda shoot was lots of fun.  Got to see a lot of friends and meet new people.  Really wished I took more pictures then but I think the ones that came out looked pretty good.  It was a pleasure working next to a of all the amazing photographers: Maboroshi :iconmorataya: :iconstillreflection: :iconailish01: :iconelysiagriffin:.  I felt like I was walking amongst giants (despite my own size XD ).   Still amazing to see them all and finally meet the woman behind the camera at Gapple (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!).  Not to forget all the cosplayers (holla at :iconzippertan: :iconvertigovendetta: :iconfantasyninja: :iconevilsp0rk: :iconchiefychan: :iconnegativedreamer: and everyone else) that made it out to the shoot. :D   Holla at :iconcosplaycousins: for setting it all up.

Also, I don't want to forget about the Winter Cosplay Shoot that :iconnegativedreamer: set up and invited me to.  It was an honor and pleasure to serve as one of the photographers alongside Mab and :iconbellavoce4:.  I'm currently finishing up my set from the shoot today.  :D

Intertwined in all that was my work with Floridance troupe here at UF along with the typical graudation photo rush, Pi Delta Psi Banquet, and Holiday Matsuri (which was an absolute pleasure. Separate update for this when I get those shots done) this past weekend, I've got my work cut out for me for the next week.  I have to finish before I head back home for a week and a half because I'll be cut off from my work desktop.  Laptop is too slow to handle the pictures I need to process.  :/

Anyway, as a final thought before I get down to working on all this stuff:  Sometimes, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the generally positive response to my work.  Not to say I don't appreciate it, I do kind of take it all with a grain of salt to be honest.  I don't know how my ability stacks thus far, but I know I'm surrounded by such talented people whom I very much look up to.  I feel like I'm a lot better than I was 8-9 months ago, but I also feel like I have so much to learn.  I still feel like a rookie.  I'm still very much striving to become a better photographer. I'm very thankful for the compliments, but man, I can't help but think: "Don't know if serious or just trolling." XD  I do suppose that if people like my work then that's all I could really ask for.  

Anyway look out for a massive update of pictures sometime this week.

<3 imPhotography
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Laying here on the floor of my sister's apartment in Orlando where I normally camp out before Orlando conventions, I finally have time to sit here and write a journal for you guys as to what the hell I've been doing for the past month.  No coffee.  It's late.  


AWA was such a blast.  It was a pleasure rooming with :iconvertigovendetta:, :iconzippertan:, and Vanessa.  It was also nice running into :iconmorataya:, :iconnegativedreamer:, and :iconstillreflection: and meeting :iconsoulfirephotography: and :iconelysiagriffin:.  The con was so chill and the location and weather were beautiful.  I'm already planning on going back to AWA next year.  Soooo taking more advantage of these locations next year.  

FA11. Fall 2011.  I still kind of separate my life by 'semesters'.  This fall is looking to be quite busy contrary to what I was believing (hoping?).  I finally got the gig as the Asian Kaleidoscope Month photographer.  AKM is a month dedicated to Asian American events, issues, and entertainment.  I'm covering all their major events and I'm hoping to meet some of the VIPs they've got coming in this year. Outside of that, I've got a couple cosplay gigs that I'm completely excited to do, Sparks Magazine release, and a couple personal video and photo projects I want to do before the year runs out.  Oh, and that wedding I got this weekend. :O The one I'm missing EXP for. I'm still nervous, but I think I'm ready.  I better be.

Speaking of weddings, the month of may 2012 is looking booked already for weddings. June's getting there.  :O  I also have to attend a couple of them. My friends are getting married. O.O   Maybe I should start looking for a girlfriend or something. Disregard females; acquire currency? XD

Well, winter's just around the corner and I've got lots of ideas planned.  I can't wait to start work on this music video I've been planning since summer.  I love killing myself apparently. But it hurts so good. XD

Anyway, thanks for stopping in and reading.  :]  <3

"We make our own luck."

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It's been a little over a month since I updated, but geez, it's been one crazy month.  

Last I updated I told you guys I was going to AFO.  Although I feel like it's one of the smaller conventions I've been to, I have to say it's the most fun I've had at a convention thus far.   Got to see old friends and make new ones, and newly introduce other friends to the convention scene. Thought my shoots came out pretty good, too. I'll be uploading those as soon as I'm done posting here.

OH. And I went to Dragon*Con.  My first year.  :icondavindalilazn: put me on that tip.  Told me it's one of the best ones he's gone to, and I believe him.   Ridiculous amounts of people and killer cosplays.  It's on Comic-Con level, but with less clusterfucks.  It's weird having to run from hotel to hotel especially when it's hot as hell or raining, but something I can get used to. Definitely want to go back.

It's weird seeing friends I don't normally see at conventions.  I'm thinking all my convention running around is piquing their curiosity.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see them there.  I just hope I get more party members. XD

Anyway!  Convention plans for the rest of the year: AWA and Holiday Matsuri.   I can't make EXP this year because I'm shooting my first wedding (SCARY) and I can't make ShadoCon this year because I'm doing a series of events in Gainesville (The Asian Arts and Entertainment Festival, Def Talent Jam, and AdoBowl).  I really wanted to go EXP this year.  Guess it wasn't meant to be this time.  Next year, I'm hoping.

As far as general photography, again, doing my first wedding in a little more than a month.  I'm also the official photographer for the Asian Kaleidoscope Month at UF.  Expect to see some shots here of that, too.  Lots of celebrities coming through and I'm hoping to meet a few of them. :]

Time to upload. :P
MASSIVE UPDATE.  Talking 50+ photos. :]

<3 imPhotography
Lawrence L.A. Mabilangan
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I got back from SDCC on the 25th but I'm still kind of reeling from it.  It's quite an overwhelming experience. I rolled through with :iconkimkashi: and 3 other friends through the crowds and the long freaking lines, but came away with experience and tons of schwag. :D

Met a lot of new friends and ran into some old ones. Truly an experience, I'll go back again someday.  For now, AX or Fanime next year? :p

AFO's this weekend and I'm still offering a few shoot slots.  $15 for 30 mins and $25 for an hour, relatively low for photography rates but it's very casual shooting for me.  Can't wait to do the shoots I've already got planned with :iconzippertan: :iconrei-nocturna: and :iconpui-ki:.  Hopefully running into :icondavindalilazn: again, too. :]

And hoping that tropical storm takes a nice hard turn north. XD

instruMental Photography
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And I'm going to San Diego Comic-Con.

Bye. :]
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I just uploaded a bunch of pictures from SuperCon which was a ridiculous amount of fun.  Reunited with my conspirator :iconkimkashi: finally after forever.  Met TONS of new people and I'm really getting to liking the con and cosplay scene.  I'm hoping to do more work within it. I still have a lot to learn in terms of photography of Cosplay, but I'm confident that I can learn.  Also thanks to Flash and :iconcat-astrophic: for all the photography fun!

Anyway, I've got more Focus Session work to upload, too. I'll find some sort of time to relax hopefully.

SDCC in < 2 weeks. :o
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As some of you guys know, I've been working on doing a shoot a week, and thus far it's been relatively smooth with hiccups here and there.  I love working with everyone and the adventures I happen to go on along the way.  I posted a bunch of that work already last night. :]  

Speaking of adventures, I'm in full convention swing right now. MetroCon was fun.  Always good seeing old faces and new costumes.  Running around shooting with :icondavindalilazn: was a blast, and I had an opportunity to shoot with :iconwingedinfinity:, too. SuperCon is next and I'm excited to see what :iconkimkashi: has in store for me. :D

Anyways, more to come within the next couple weeks.

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